Luz de Compasion Retreat Center


The Concept

Luz de Compasion offers an excellent situation for people wishing to do short or long retreats. Luz de Compasion, a nonprofit organization, was established by Jhampa Shaneman, a meditator of over 7 years of long term isolated retreats. The three acres of land is set in a small valley of apple orchards close to the quaint Mexican town of Canatlan in the state of Durango.

Meditators experience one main problem when trying to do long retreats. This is finding supportive people to assist with necessities. Most retreat centers offer facilities at a high price making long retreats almost impossible. In Canada the average cost for a three year retreat is ten thousand dollars each year.

Jhampa wanted to offer land for inspired individuals to do private retreats with little complication. The attractive feature is the individuals will own their land and cabin. This means their investment is an asset and can be resold if they so wish. This is possible because of the lenient building codes and zoning of Mexico. Mexico also offers warm weather and excellent support infrastructure to help one attain their meditational goals.

The location is reasonably isolated. It has a dirt road for delivery of goods and excellent Feng Shui. The main property is rectangular. The north south axis is 150 feet wide and east west axis 700 feet. The eastern end of the property is bordered by a small river. This is considered excellent Feng Shui. The land also has mountains to the east, north and west with an open southern view. You can view images of the land here.

Luz de Compasion is offering 20 lots of 1500 square feet or 12 mts by 12 mts. Each lot will include the services of water and sewer. Due to the high cost of subdividing the land the lots will be sold with a 99 year lease. This will give the owner full control of their investment. The nonprofit organization will ensure the land is maintained during periods of absence. The owner has the rights to use or rent the house as they wish. The main objective of the land is a conducive meditation environment.








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