Luz de Compasion Retreat Center


View from Center of Valley

The Land and Construction


The land on which the retreat center “Luz de Compassion” will be constructed is located 40 miles northwest of the capital city of the state of Durango, in northern Mexico. The altitude is 2,000 meters (6,500 feet) above sea level, annual average temperature of 15.4 C (60° F), and a semi-dry climate with little precipitation throughout the year. The property is surrounded by farmland, where apples trees are cultivated. There is easy and quick access to the federal highway.

Within this beautiful and hilly property, the clear blue sky and red-orange afternoon sunsets, lead to the star-lit sky with fresh and revitalizing nighttime air. The atmosphere and conditions provide for the perfect seclusion that invites a contemplative and meditative experience, all within easy access.

The Lots

The individual lots are 10 meters (32.5 ft) by 12 meters (39 ft) on a north south axis.

The Retreat Houses

The retreat houses constructed by the organization have an external measurement of 5 meters (16 ft) by 8 meters (26 ft). The construction material will be either straw bale or adobe. This ensures complete environmental harmony and a lack of industrial pollutants. The southern side of the house will have a covered porch of 5 meters (16 ft) by 2 meters (6.5 ft).

The principle interior room will be 4 meters (13 ft) by 5 meters (16 ft) with two windows on the east and west side. A small kitchen of 4 meters (13 ft) by 2 meters (6.5 ft) is on the southern side with one window and an external bathroom and shower would be placed on the northern external wall. This design is based on the experience of many meditators of both Tibet and Western countries. It also allows for the use of proper Feng Shui placement of the bed and meditation seat.

The interior walls would be finished by a natural plaster or adobe mud and the floor with ceramic tiles. The external door and three windows would be metal and the interior door wood. The kitchen would have a counter and shelves installed.

It is possible to have a wall enclose the lot to give complete privacy for the individual. These and other considerations would be initiated by the owner themselves and at an added cost.

The lot costs US$ 8,000

The above meditation house together with the lot US$ 14,000








of Land